"Don't be late"

Worrying about being punctual can stunt your creativity and stop you from seeing the bigger picture! This story was animated and edited by myself. Although i couldn't have done it without the help from the guys credited.
Luke Kennealey

"BUZZ KILL - Bar Shorts"

For this bar shorts animation i wanted to create characters and portray a scenario in 15 second clip.
The camera pans from the title sequence to reveal the first of 2 characters and shots of the location and bushaltestelle. The first character is dressed with bee attire and the other is a seemingly average guy. The anxious guy then receives a phone call from the bee next to him and before he can ask about it he is met by a shiv.

"Freedraw - Bar Shorts"

"skull conversion - Bar Shorts"


Burn After Reading (2008) by the Coen brothers was one of my chosen films to base my sting on. Instead of any relation to the plot i decided to have the idea more around what the text itself intends. After the person reads the text the next stage is then already implied so i animated these steps.
1. Text
2. Burning the text
3. End tag reveal
All animated using Flash for stable frame by frame and a rotoscope techniques

"JAWS - FullSecs"

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