Slug and Slime is an artist collective co-owned by Kieran Bork and Luke Kennealey. Based in Manchester, UK. we specialise in illustration, graphic design and animation, we also carry out signwriting and graffiti projects and other commission work.

Graffiti along with art in general is one of our many passions and we take great pride in every detail of our work. We could talk about our knowledge of postmodernism and opinions on whether or not you should use the font 'Jokerman', ever! But we focus mainly on the needs and requirements of our clients. Having taken on many projects for multiple club/bar branches along with many other unique clients, the experience from this has been vital to the professional practice in our creative fields. Which is why you should always contact us to see if we can help you with your upcoming project.

On establishing Slug and Slime, the logo was created in 2012. Click to see a larger image.

First logo-2012